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S.L.W Home Improvement Services is based in Kent, London and we are a leading company in home improvement services. We offer an array of services regarding remodeling your home. Our services include quality home painting, whole room repairs, quality home improvement services, patchwork plastering, expert rendering contractors etc.

Our objective is to deliver our clients their dream house after all the renovation and remodeling work has been completed by us. We aim to do customer satisfaction job so that we are able to enrich our company name with positive feedbacks. We work to enhance our business by following honest business methods and by keeping our clients happy.

We are professionals specializing in providing high-quality painting services to our customers. Our learned workers have the knowledge of different shades of color that would suit your rooms of the house and the contrasting colors for the doors and windows. We are well equipped and have the latest technology that we use for coloring your house.

Our expert plastering service has the ability to make effective use of plaster at your home to provide some unique and beautiful designs to various parts of the wall. They use plaster to give a perfect finish and final touch to your home. With the use of these plasters, our professional can make complex detailing to the interior of your house.

We are famous for completing our task within the promised time and with a flawless result. You can count on us whenever you need any kind of service for your home renovation or extension.